Monday, 3 December 2012

Back on Online

Firstly can I thank everyone who has contacted me since the last post and thank you for your immensely kind words. Every message, whatever medium it has come through, has been a help for both myself and Claire.
Today I reactivated the shop on Etsy. The reason for this timing is that we have finished a run of small local shows that I had committed to a few months ago and who I didn't want to let down. Together with some wholesale orders I had committed  to they took up all of my 'good' time. Now they are out the way I don't need to worry about overcommitting so feel confident that the Etsy shop shouldn't cause any issues.
Health-wise I am still very ropey but have been referred upwards as the initial Talking Therapy was found to be not proving effective. Unfortunately this led to me be put on another waiting list for an another assessment but this should be done by the end of January, although there may be another wait after that of several months before treatment. However my wonderful OH will step into the breach to pack and send any orders if I am in a downward phase.
Once again many thanks  for your support