Monday, 25 March 2013

Central Belter

As usual I have been somewhat lazy with our online presense but wanted to post belatedly about our trip to the inaugural Edinburgh Yarn Festival 9 days ago. Both myself and Claire had high hopes for the show as the organisers seemed to have gone the extra mile in planning and promoting the show. So we were hoping for a successful day if for no other reason than the fact that Mica, Jo and Linda had put so much thought and work in they deserved a hit.
The organisation that had gone in was obvious on our arrival at the Drill Hall where a group of volunteers unloaded the car and directed Claire to a parking space, essential as the venue was on a residential street. With about 15 minutes to go Claire nipped out to grab a couple of items we had forgotten from the car and came back gobsmacked as not only were people queuing to get in but they were doing so round the block, even though the rain was pouring down.

The Drill Hall

The following few hours were the busiest we have been at a show with visitors thronging the venue. Despite how jammed the venue (and stalls were) and the fact that many visitors had got pretty wet queuing to get in the atmosphere was brilliantly  positive and the first few hours flew by. Even when the usual show afternoon lull hit it only reduced the flow of visitors to busy level. At this point I whipped off to take a couple of snaps of the venue.

Our stall when it was not busy

SkyBluePink designs who we do a number of shows during a 'lull' period

Fortunately the hall didn't kick us out bang on 5 as there were still a number of visitors wandering round and buying yarn. When we did pack up it was a quick reload of the car and a chance to congratulate the organising team for a fabulous event. We drove back to Newcastle utterly knackered b ut still buzzing from the day.
So once again thanks to the organisers and volunteers who did a brilliant job attracting visitors and then coping when the massive response from the yarnie community of the Central Belt and Scottish Borders. Commiseration to those people who couldn't make it due to inclement weather further North but hopefully we will have another similar event next year.

The Drill Hall cow that became a sheep for the day