Saturday, 26 June 2010

Inspirations from the Lakes

Just back from 6 days in the beautiful Lake District. For once the weather was not piddling it down and we both came back with a bit of colour despite slatherings of factor 30. Most days were spent poddling or walking through the glorious scenery stopping off at any suitable inns (ie most of them) to sample the local real ales.

Thats not to say that it was all based around spoiling ourselves. OH took time out to teach a local youngster some bad habits.

As one would expect from the lakes there were loads of sheep-mainly Herdwicks (the local hill breed), Swaledales and mules. Lots of super cute lambs as well..

Similarly there was a reat variety of wildlife-we saw buzzards, nesting ospreys, golden-ringed dragonflies and a red squirrel that turned out to be a complete poseur.

Yet the most spectacular wildlife was one of the smallest: any guesses, it betrayed its prescence by the following spooky signs. Any guesses. though those of a nervous disposition may want to stop reading now

Freakily the thick webs that were smothering the trees and everything else around were from this little fella.
It is the larvae of the Bird Cherry Ermine Moth.

At the end of every day we watched the sun go down behind Catbells and over the southern end of Derwentwater. Except for the coouple of evenings when there was cloud the sunsets were stunning

I feel a couple of new colourways coming on!

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