Monday, 5 July 2010

Bags and bags of fleeces

As I forgot to post the picture in the last blog here are the five fleeces I bought at Woolfest. They are from top clockwise: TeeswaterxShropshire, Portland, Soay, BowmontxShetland, Teeswater.

Yesterday we got a call from Flexigraze to say that we could pick up some more fleeces from the conservation grazing sheep. There were 8 more fleeces from rare breed sheep. They are from top left (clockwise) 2 Manx Loaghtan, LlanwenogxHebridean, grey Shetland, brown Shetland, black Shetland, 2 Manx Loaghtan.

It is a testament to the qualities of the rare breeds that the fleeces came from that all are very nice with no obvious tenderness or weak points. This is despite the fact that the sheep, other than regular health check ups and treatment, are basically left to get on with grazing on rough ground without any supplementary feeding, come rain, shine,or, in the case of the last winter, snow.
I now really must get my combs made so spent a lot of this afternoon grinding and polishing welding rods. Otherwise we are going to soon run out of loft space.


  1. Mmmmmmm... and a lovely Sunday lunch to boot! If all else fails, we just call it eco-loft-insulation

  2. Don't listen to her, we want to see the combs being made and the results being used :)..