Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Alternative uses for a dyepot Number 1 .... The first of what will not be a particularly common series

A temporary home for mice

After 14 years of a hunting strategy that consisted of sitting at meowing at potential victims in the hope that they would walk into her jaws, Holly, our cat, has suddenly decided to catch mice. These are ones that were in the garden but have decided to investigate the kitchen.
We were aware of this last week when she went mad around the freezer on the evening and then proudly presented us with her first catch at 5 am. Of course she didn't kill the mouse and dropped it on the bedroom floor for us at which point it ran for cover under a wardrobe.
This led to me setting up a humane trap and eventually caught and rehomed the rodent a couple of days later during the afternoon.
However last night (2am) we were woken by Holly going mad as she had caught a young mouse that had sadly deceased and the humane trap was also occupied by an adult. Unlike previously I didn't want to go trapsing out to rehome the survivor but nor did I want to keep it in the very small trap. Now if only I had a large, smooth-sided, lidded vessel to keep the mouse in till the morning.


Plus gratuitous cutsie shot


  1. Isn't that mouse sweeet! I know they're pests, but they're very appealing looking pests aren't they! Your cat sounds adorable, very mouse friendly! Vanessa xxx